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                        Chris van Schijndel

The mission of

To secure “outside-in” thinking in organizations.

Motto: insight starts outside.



Starting from the motto: “insight starts outside” can be of help by:

• execution or managing effective market research.

• consultancy in tactical or strategic marketing matters.

• supporting market oriented management.



Looking at my career in marketing and market research I can conclude that I have always been and I still am occupied with emphasizing the need to focus on the interests of  (potential) customers when making (company)policy. Organizations are likely to lose sight of the context in which they operate when developing strategies and instead give priority to the internal primary process. This movement to internal focus is a kind of natural development. The need  to remain sensitive to the impulses of the market (outside) requires continuous attention. In practice, only learning organizations are able to secure systematic “outside-in” thinking.


This is actually what marketing is about and this is also the preferred  working area for



Chris van Schijndel, Marketing Consultant.

The name of my company is I am working as an independent marketing consultant since 2009. The services offered are consultancy and coaching on project basis in: marketing, market research or management.



Substantial means essential. This name expresses my determination to bring relevant value to decision making or to process development within organizations.

This statement seems self evident but from my experience I learned that consultancy can only be of value if the consultant has a sincere interest in the sector of his client and this is not always the case.

Who is/what did Chris van Schijndel

• Chris van Schijndel (1952): Driven and curious marketing professional.

• Autodidact: Expert in market research and marketing management.


Auditor: ISO certification Dutch market research agencies (present).

Flex-i-Trans BV (2007-2009); Commercial Director (interim).

MarketResponse Nederland BV (2004-2007); Client Services Director.

Nissan Europe NV (1990-2004), several marketing functions;

  • Market Research Manager: International market research and forecasting.
  • Product Marketing Manager: life cycle management and introduction of new Nissan models in Europe.
  • Marketing Director: Nissan Netherlands.

Volvo Car BV (1982-1990); Marketing Research Manager (International)

Veldkamp Marktonderzoek (1974-1982); project leader, research for third parties.


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